legal consultant
  • I'm specialized in corporate and commercial support of business, joint (partner) enterprises. I lead cases regarding corporate and economic disputes.
  • Author of articles and expert opinions in business press and specialized legal publications ("Finansoviy director" (Financial director), Klerk.ru, Pravo.ru, "Aktsionernoe obshchestvo" (Joint-Stock Company), Legal Insight, "Yurist kompanii" (Company Lawyer), "EJ-Yurist" (Economy and life – Lawyer), "Yuridicheskiy spravochnik rukovoditelya" (Legal reference book of the head)). Speaker on business and professional events. Creator of seminars and webinars.
  • Education: higher legal education, also a graduate of Presidential Program for Training Management Personnel (Ranepa).
  • Coauthor of "Review of Russian court practice regarding issues of Arbitrazh Court and cross-borders court proceedings of 2019" of Russian Arbitration Association and member of Russian Arbitration Association work group which is engaged in monitoring of Russian court practice.
Владимир Данилевский, юрист
Experience confirmed by practical activities
Recovery of damages from former director
Legal representation of new business owner in court and demanding from the former director damages recovery due to money usage for its personal benefit.
Joint venture in the sphere of energetics and corporate agreement conclusion
Support of transaction regarding inclusion into joint venture and financing of business projects in the amount of 1.8 million US dollars subject to subsequent conversion of loans into company shares.
Legal support of modernization of regional factory which produces construction materials
Consultations regarding issues of factory economic activity; analysis, development, correction of contractual framework (construction contract, supply, service contracts on factory technical modernization and etc.).
My materials in business and law media
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Vladimir Danilevsky
legal consultant (Moscow | Russia)
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